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Happy 15th Birthday UMP

16th February 2002, KUKTEM born. About few years, KUKTEM turns to UMP.

Today is Majlis Amanat Tahunan Naib Canselor 2017 in UMP. The theme of this year is " Memasyarakatkan Technologi, Agenda Keterampilan UMP", it is mean communitising technologies, one of what to be done to increase UMPian skills.

9.20 am, I went out from my room and walked to KSU to attend that event. Before it started, there are some short videos are shown, one of them is Namaku Bedah, for your information, this is one of TV9 drama's, and UMP Pekan is the shooting place of  Namaku Bedah's drama.

Back to the title, for sure, I'm very proud to be an UMPian. There're many success that UMP got.

The UMP strategic journey; foundation of a technical university, strengthening it and generating excellence; first choice technology luxury; generating glory.

Now, UMP are in "generating glory" strategies.

Don't worry if you got UMP. 95% UMP's alumni got jobs. So, I'm very sure, there are more oppurtunity to us to get job too, as well as our result and softskill are excellent. UMP got 4 stars award from MyRA, and being 58th in ranking in best university in the world by UI Green Metric.

So, congratulations UMP.

I hope I can be the one of excellenct students that can bring up UMP's name in world. Pray for me guys.

Last but not least;
UMP :)

Favourite But ...

Emm, before I sleep, I just wanna tell about my interest, but I don't be chosen into them.

  •  Medic
I starts love medic since I in matriculation, I have apply in optometry and physiology, but I don't get it. I think because of my mathematics and chemistry result not so good.

Medic is very nice. If I be a doctor, or worker in hospital, I can help to save life. Umm, but I know, Allah knows better than us.

I think I am not strong enough to face this course.

  • Army
Same goes to this. Emm, the truth, I fall in love with it since I in primary school. It is very cool to be an army. 

Adventure and thrill. Shoot, fight, discipline, brotherhood. So cool.

  • Arts & Design
Since I love arts. I really hope can be an artist or designer, but I don't have good talent in this course, emm. I think why I love it because of anime and games, maybe.

  • Engineering ( Robotic, Mechanical & Aerospace )
I love to create something, I always imagine weird things such as android robot ( terminator ) that will exist in future, and future will full of technology but enviroment still clean and pollution in low.

  • Biology ( Food, Environment & Biotech )
Biology told me about me and my surrounding. That's why I love it.

Food is something that we eat. I really want to know about it, and helps us to road to better life with healthy and halal food.

  • Usuluddin & Tauhid, Fiqh
Love to know and learn about our Creator, and want to keep myself always be good to others, and moreee.

  • Psychology
So that I can read people, and understand them and myself. Because, I am complicated.

Co-curriculum Class, Iqra'

Hello peeps! Assalamualaikum, today I gonna tell about my first class of co-curriculum. Before this, I took Kompang, but I think I don't interested with it, so I change to Iqra'. Actually I don't know what is Iqra'. I just register and attend it.

After Asr, the class begin. There are many new friends I got when I attend it. Our teacher is Puan Hani, she's one of staffs at UMP. She's very nice. She brief about Iqra'.

As we know in Arabic, iqra' meaning is read, in the class we will learn about tajweed and do a little hafazan.

In first class, we just do ice breaking and I was chosen to be assistant monitor in that class. Umm, I hope this is the time that can be my turning point to be better Allah abd's.

I really grateful because He choose me to attend this class, my hope is I can read Quran more better with right way.

About my diet and to be slim and thin mission, I don't know whether I am strong enough to pass it, urgh, there's so hard because I don't know how to manage it. I really hope there's someone can help me to do that.

Emm, I hope this can be the best year ever after 19 years I live on this world and I can have my own identity after finishing my studies. Hopefully.

2I, Inspiration & Insecurities

Inspiration is one things that we don't realise that we should have. Inspiration can helps us to boost up our spirit to do anything we want to do, right?

There are many people inspire me today. One of them is Nik Idzni Dalila, I bet you know about her stories. She have left us in this world. I really love her blog and posts. She had cancer, but she's very strong to face it.

Her last post is about insecurities. I really agree about it, she said insecurity is a thing that we may not notice but it's happened.

I realised that I am insecure about my weight, my beauty and all. Sometimes, it happened because I always think about what people say. Yah, that's why I am rather being ambivert, and I am pretty sure that I more into introvert. I keep isolate myself from others. I feel insecure too when I really afraid that I will hurt others with my bad attitude and all bad about me.

As you know, I start to write my post in English, in this moment I also afraid people will say, " she don't know English, but why she trying to write the post in English?" , " uhh, her grammar is very bad," umm, that what I was thinking about, but I told myself, I should not too much think about people thought because it can be harmful to myself, just try to enjoy this life without worrying anything, keep trust Him, he know what is the best for me.

So this is the result. I start force myself to write in English to make sure, my English will be more better and I can be more confident to use this language in real world.

Emm, it's too late now, and I should sleep. See you later, bloggies.

Change The Url Of Blog

Assalamualaikum and good morning guys. Today, I just want to post that I have change the url of this blog that is from to

Nothing much, I haven't update in January because there is no WiFi at my house. It's sound silly right, but that's the truth.

Alright. I want to sleep. Thank you for reading.

Misi Kuruskan Badan?

Hola. Assalamualaikum Izni ucapkan kepada semua, hehe.

Tengok tajuk tu. Izni ni kategori gemuk pendek, alahai. Misi tu tiba-tiba wujud apabila ramai sangat yang menyeru untuk kuruskan badan. Tapi Izni taktau la akan berjaya atau tak, hahahha, sebab Izni bukan yang jenis istiqamah, dan cepat bosan, hanya dengan paksaan je boleh.

Kurus. Slim? Anti betul perkataan tu sebenarnya, Izni tau laa Izni gemuk, haih. Dengan ketinggian 148-150 cm, berat 70-74 kilogram, hampa rasa camna? Yalah, tahu, Izni gemuk, kay obesiti. Haih.

Start gemuk masa darjah 4 dan sampai sekarang, bukannya takda orang ejek, tapi peduli apa, yang beria nak kurus ni sebab nak sihat plus geram member-member laki duk suruh slim la, kurus la apa la, rasa menyampah sangat. Tapi taktau laa, akan berjaya ke tak, bab makan tuu, boleh je nak kawal rasanya, joging apa semua tu, tapi bab tido awal yang tuu tak jamin, nah.

Tolonglah, Izni punya result exam sem satu boleh dikatakan teruk. Tapi still alhamdulillah sebab atas 2.00 dan KB, maunya P1 / P2, terpaksa kurangkan kredit pula,
di samping misi kurus ni, ayuh sahut misi dekan pulak, 2k17 penuh dengan misi, tapi taktau la jadi ke tak, doa doakan Izni. Hahaha.

Perangai HHTA kena buang. Hahaha. Okbai. Jangan lupa esok. Huhuhu.

*HHTA = Hangat-hangat tahi ayam